Catriona Bradley

Catriona Bradley works as the Executive Director of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy, based in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She has previously held leadership positions in pharmacy, business, HR and academia and is an adjunct assistant professor in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Trinity College Dublin. She is passionate about enabling the pharmacy profession to realise its potential in healthcare. Throughout her career, she has focussed her attention in the areas of coaching and leadership, team development, quality improvement and pharmacy services research and development. Over the past three and a half years she has led the establishment of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy and has overseen the implementation of new legislation in the areas of CPD and pharmacy training. This supports an approach to learning and development which is systematic, self-directed, needs-based and outcomes-focussed. This aligns with Catriona’s belief in the importance of reflective practice, about which she blogs at

Catriona Bradley – Developing Leadership Capability within the Pharmacy Professio

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There is an increasing emphasis on developing leadership capability within pharmacy. Through a series of group activities and discussions, this workshop will consider the following issues: What do we mean by leadership, and are there different types of leadership that we need to consider? Are there particular challenges that must be considered when trying to […]

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